Charles in Downing Street

We are professional sausage makers who use only the finest British pork to make fresh, succulent, juicy traditional butcher's sausages.

Based in a bespoke factory in Newton Abbot, Devon, we have the capacity to handle orders from the smallest corner shop in our region, to pallet orders anywhere in the world.

We supply caterers, butchers, delicatessens, foodservice companies, and over 500 retailers in the West Country. We EXPORT to the four corners of the world and we are currently sending pallet orders to Asia, the Mediterranean, Falkland Islands and the Caribbean. We are BRC accredited.


Reducing Plastic

 In 2016 we started the process of reducing plastics from our production line, eliminating the need for 90,000 black trays each year for our hogs pudding.

As of September 2018 all of our 400g retail packs are now packaged in biodegradable trays. Over the course of the next year this will stop 9000kg of black plastic from going into landfill, that's 1822 wheelie bins full!

The packaging we have selected is biodegradable, which we feel is a step up from being recyclable as it is shown that so much of our waste that we think is being recycled is in fact ending up in landfill. By offering customers biodegradable packaging it is ensuring that wherever the cardboard tray may end up, it should cause no long-term impact to the environment. 

As a business we still have some way to go to reduce the amount of single use plastic we use, but as a society we have even further to go.  Making a conscious effort as a consumer to support those who are trying to tackle the issue of plastic pollution in our environment is fundamental to its success. So, let’s try to be mindful of the daily products we are buying and #LETSCUTPLASTIC.   

Charles in Downing Street