Our journey to reduce the amount of single use plastic coming into & leaving our factory

Our journey stems from wanting to protect the pristine Devon Countryside in which we have built our brand.

In 2016 we repacked our Hogs Pudding, this cut the need for around 90,000 black plastic trays each year. Seeing the effect, we could have from changing just one product inspired us to see what else we could change.

While we were quietly working on this, Blue Planet 2 aired, creating a nationwide movement to reduce single use plastic. We were ready to take action.

2018 saw us repacked all of our 400g retail packs into recyclable cardboard trays, saving 5.2 tonnes of black plastic from being produced to date (Feb 2020). In 2019 we’d developed a tray for our larger retail packs, by June they were in the shops & Westaway retail range was black plastic free.

As of February 2020, we have prevented 7.6 tonnes of single use black plastic from being made & ending up in landfill.

But we’re not done there…

By Easter 2020 we are hoping to be the first to market in the meat industry with Fully Recyclable or Compostable packaging. We have spent a lot of time researching how we can replace our PVC overwrap film with an eco-friendly alternative. Our new compostable film can go straight into your food waste bin & is certified to the EN 13432 standard for home composability, fully composted in 12 weeks.

As a business we still have some way to go to reduce the amount of single use plastic we use, but as a society we have even further to go.  Making a conscious effort as a consumer to support those who are trying to tackle the issue of plastic pollution in our environment is fundamental to its success. So, let’s try to be mindful of the daily products we are buying and #LETSCUTPLASTIC.