IFFA Frankfurt 14th-19th May 2022

Why is a team of Newton Abbot sausage makers taking the train to Frankfurt?

In 1852 a butchers’ guild in Frankfurt produced a spiced, smoked sausage product which they named Frankfurter after their hometown. Today this sausage is probably the most important variety in a global sausage market worth an estimated £60 billion.

Since 1949 Frankfurt has every three years also hosted the world’s largest trade show for the meat Industry. IFFA covers the entire market for processing, packaging, and selling of meat and alternative proteins. Sausage production is at the heart of this trade fair.

In any business, those who innovate and adapt to trends will be able to offer more to their customers and can inspire employees.

IFFA will host over 1,000 companies from all over the world. There will be market leaders and there will be innovators. The sausage makers from Newton Abbot are one of those innovators, they can hold their heads up high for their work on providing alternative sustainable packaging.

This show will provide the forum to discuss the challenges and of course the opportunities to generate new types of business within the sector. Our team has over 40 meetings planned with some different 10 projects to evaluate.  We will find new partners, new suppliers, and forge new friendships.

We will seek to challenge the normal in our industry. We are not going to fly short haul; we will take the train. We might stop in Brussels for some mussels and chips. We will then enjoy 3 very full days of German hospitality, and I can say with certainty that we will eat sausage and drink beer before we take the train home.

We will share our thoughts on our return.

Here is a great video that sets the scene.

IFFA will be held 14th – 19th May 2022 in Frankfurt am Maine. We might see you there.

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