Are Businesses built on transactions or relationships?

Covid has changed the way we work

Covid has left a legacy on the culture of businesses. It has stifled collaboration. In business the chain that delivers value to the end user must work as a team if it is to be “best in class”.

This means suppliers, processors or manufacturers and distributors must work together to refine and optimise the processes. This collaboration is never finished, there is always the chance to innovate and develop new skills.

Each entity in the process brings something different to the table, and refines the total value offered by a product (or service).
There is a saying “A fair wind never made a fine sailor”, to continue this analogy. If a sailor is veering off course, then they will over correct to bring the ship back on course.

A number of businesses in our sector are realising this and moving away from “management by spreadsheet” and decisions made entirely on a cost and return basis. These companies are looking to boost soft skills like communication, empathy, problem solving and listening.
These skills are rarely measured or appreciated, and they are not developed quickly. It could be argued this culture provides stronger more stable long-term foundations for business.

We strongly believe business must be built on relations, and not on transactions.

Has Covid had the same effect on communities?

Communities have been affected in the same way by covid, and in a similar way those who can help need to step forward to bring communities back together and hopefully make them stronger and more resilient.
This help can take many forms or many actions. There are so many issues and there are plenty of resources that can be used, what is needed is coordinated action to make long term changes and strategy to benefit the community.

An example

Westaway Sausages shares a boundary with Newton Abbot Rugby Football Club and over the last 4 years it has been principal sponsor and partner of the club. The club does many wonderful things to bring the community together and to support the vulnerable.

An excellent example is how the club is partnering with The BroProject to raise funds and awareness of support available for Mental Health in the area by launching a Grit and Gratitude Festival in June this year.

Alex Dawson from The BroProject explains.
“Today, we’re reaching out with a matter close to our hearts, an issue that touches many lives yet often remains shrouded in silence. In South Devon, 31 individuals lose their lives to suicide each year, a stark number that stands significantly higher than the national average in the UK. It’s a harrowing statistic, one that we cannot overlook.
In a collaborative effort to shed light on this pressing issue and foster a community of support, The BroProject and Newton Abbot Rugby Club are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural Grit and Gratitude Fest. Scheduled for the weekend of 7th-9th June 2024, this event symbolizes a beacon of hope, aiming to raise critical funds and awareness to combat suicide and enhance mental health services in South Devon.

With an expected turnout of over 1,000 visitors, the Grit and Gratitude Fest is designed to be a family-friendly gathering, filled with activities that inspire resilience (Grit) and foster a sense of appreciation for life and community (Gratitude).

It’s more than a festival; it’s a movement towards creating a safer, more supportive environment for all”.

We all have pressures on our lives, it is surprising how satisfying it can be to work as a team in business and also in the community.

Just do it!