Meet me by the compost heap.


Westaways accredited home compostable packaging gives me pride every day. Our team developed this packaging despite criticism from retailers and industry professionals saying it was impossible.

Since winning UK Packaging Innovation of the year in 2020 our further research on sustainable packaging materials has been relentless.

Einstein quoted “In theory, theory and practise are the same. In practise they are not”.

Development starts with a technical overview then rigorous testing in our composting area. This area has a workshop, green house, poly tunnel, and 4 composting bays.

Currently we are reviewing progress on the degradation of accredited home compostable resealable bags and building frames to conduct tests on several different cellulose flow wraps.

If it works in our compost heap, we can then consider how we can produce packs that are safe, legal and importantly, competitive.

It may be that the process to produce the packaging is actually not as sustainable as it first appears. We must review the environmental impact of the entire life cycle of the material, this systematic analysis is called a Life Cycle Assessment, or LCA.

Why the focus on home composting?

Here are some compelling reasons to consider composting at home, or in your community. We can all make changes, and as International Compost Awareness Week approaches, it’s a great time to start composting and encourage others to do the same.

Environmental Benefits:

Economic Benefits:

Social Benefits:

In summary, composting is a simple yet powerful act that can have a profound impact on our planet.

It’s a practical step towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a healthier environment.

So, I urge you to “Meet me by the compost heap”.