Selling the sizzle


Many people will have seen Westaway Sausages at Agricultural and Trade shows in the West Country.

I love being at shows even when I try to cope with cooking enough samples that people can “try before they buy” and still maintain my sense of humour as another 10-year-old kid sneaks in a cocktail stick to have their sixth sample.

The language of selling includes catch phrases and techniques that you learn, this is the art of selling the sizzle.

“Please try our local Award-winning Sausages” aided by the smell and sound of succulent sausages gently frying in a pan, is compelling.

Marmalades, jams, marrows, and sausages all seem to suit the description of Award Winning.

However banal this might be, the recognition of an award is the life blood we thrive on.

A new way of selling

This morning the sun was pleasantly warm for November, and I took the chance to explain to our whole team the importance of winning awards as we gathered outside the factory at the morning break. The team at Westaways has been resolute as we faced up to the challenges over the last 3 years. Sales have grown, we have become more efficient and therefore have been able to invest to further grow our capability and capacity. Costs have never been so important to all our customers, and we have seen this as an opportunity to develop closer relations with existing suppliers and forge links with new customers.

We are experts in producing sausages, we have the knowledge and skills to work with customers to add value and this is where we win new business.

A new award

Yesterday Westaway Sausages won Sustainability / Ethical manufacturer of the Year at the Made in the South West Awards and now go forward to the Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England final to be the UK’s most Sustainable / Ethical manufacturer. This award is a third-party recognition of our values and our purpose. This award will mean we can start a dialogue in a different place, we can engage immediately with like minded companies who share our values, and we can collaborate to add value to the offer we make to the end customer.

A bright future

At the awards dinner there was a positive atmosphere, almost a relief amongst all finalists and winners.

As a group we had a common theme our companies had struggled, we had been challenged, and yet we had survived. Not only this we had thrived, and our achievements had been recognised and rewarded. Westaway Sausages has a purpose, and teamwork had delivered on this.  As we look ahead to 2023 our resolve and our determination has never been so strong.

Late at night as we drove back to Devon It felt good.