Working hard and playing hard can be life changing.

Here are some personal observations and some things that work for me.

Working Hard:

Boosts Productivity and Performance: When you work hard, you’re likely to achieve more, leading to a sense of accomplishment and progress in your career.

Routine tasks must be ruthlessly efficient

Use the right tools and technology to comfortably outperform

Enhances Creative and Innovative Thinking: Tackling challenges at work can stimulate your mind and encourage creative solutions.

The best answer is unlikely to be the first answer, allow time and trial

Be a “why not” person, rather than a “why” person

Develops a Positive Mindset: Overcoming obstacles and reaching goals at work can foster a positive attitude and self-esteem.

Establish new ways, dare to be different

Celebrate success

Playing Hard:

Relieves Stress: Engaging in leisure activities can reduce stress and tension, providing a necessary break from work demands.

Change is the best rest

Be as ambitious in playing as you are in working

Improves Social Life: Playing hard often involves socialising, which can strengthen relationships and increase happiness.

Win with others, share interests with others.

Volunteer to give back

Encourages New Skills and Hobbies: Leisure time allows you to explore new interests, keeping life exciting and diverse.

Keep learning, keep exploring

Challenge what is normal

Make your own, do it yourself, build it, grow it, do it

Regard your personal time as important as your work time, give as much attention to planning it as you do to planning your work.

You cannot buy a ticket to fulfilment, be adventurous and risk the unknown in both your work and play and you will discover more about yourself.