Fully Cooked Sausages

All of these products are cooked & Individually Quick Frozen for freshness & convenience. Making them ideal for the professional caterer & ready to serve in a matter of minutes.

Fully Cooked Sausages
Our Cooked Sausages

Our Cooked Sausages

Made to 76% mmc recipes, all of our sausages are minced, mixed & filled into natural casings. They are then fully cooked, cooled & Individually Quick Frozen.

Available in 8’s in 4.45kg boxes.
Honey Roast & Cumberland flavour.
Available as 8” Event Caterers in 10kg boxes. Cumberland flavour, 50 per box.
Available as 9” Whoppers in 10kg boxes.
Lincolnshire flavour 56 per box

Our Cooked Cumberland Whirls

Our most popular heat & eat product, sold in filling stations across the UK. Our Cooked Cumberland Whirls are as at home in a bun as they are on a cooked breakfast. Ready in minutes they’re perfect for deskilled kitchens.

95g Whirls in 3.8 or 7.6kg box.
Cumberland flavour 40 or 80 per case.

Our Cooked Cumberland  Whirls
Our Cooked Cumberland  Hoops

Our Cooked Cumberland Hoops

Ideal for sitting an egg in the middle, our Cooked Cumberland Hoops will add interest to any breakfast. Ready to serve from frozen in just minutes.

68g Hoops in an 8.16kg box.
Cumberland flavour, 120 per case.

Fully Cooked Sausages