All of us at Westaways believe that the humble banger has come a long way in the past few years - now high quality and readily available.

Recipe book

Westaways has commisioned this edition of Fiona Beckett's popular book of all the sausage favourites. From comforting mashes and gravies to pastas, beans and rice. There are fun feast ideas - mini toad-in-the-holes, hot dogs, kebabs, and honey-glazed sausages on sticks - as well as a range of great sauces, salsas and accompaniments.

We believe our sausages are 'quality for the masses', and all of us at Westaways hope this book helps you to enjoy not only our sausages but all well-made sausages even more.

  • £5 each with £3.50 postage and packaging
  • 125 fantastic sausage-centred recipes
  • Sumptuous photography from Glenfiddich-award winning photographer Georgia Glynn-Smith
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