We recognise that in a competitive market innovation is vital. We work constantly to add value in everything we do.

Product development Gluten Free

From using less resources to working with our community, from imaginative new recipes to healthy eating, from shorter supply chains to clearer declarations.

We are proud of our ability to develop interesting sausage recipes, and also new raw and cooked pork products. We analyse any new product against the Food Standards Agency’s guideline daily allowances for fat, saturated fat, calories, salt and sugar as part of this process, and we have a strict policy against using any artificial flavourings or colourings.

Apart from the benefit of always having lots of interesting things to eat in Westaways office, it means we have a large portfolio of products complete with tasting notes and recipes to share with prospective customers.

We recognise the increase in public awareness of allergens and additives and can offer both additive and gluten free recipes.

Often we get asked to produce bespoke recipes that even we have never heard of, but we do have an excellent library and a fertile imagination! We take a delight in researching and working with our customers to come up with something special. 

Most recently we have developed a Gluten & Allergen Free sausage. This is a lightly seasoned breakfast sausage containing no gluten or preservatives. They will be in production from the end of June 2019.